Luxury crystal electric burner - pink

Luxury crystal electric burner - pink

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This stunning electric crystal burner has 3 different light/heat settings so you can have it dim, medium or bright!

Easy to use touch burner comes with one of our top selling melts of the month so you can even test it when you get it.

Please read the safety latter that comes in the box that will also be displayed below, thank you.

The Aroma Lamp comes with one bulb already to use and an extra bulb in the case that the main bulb fails.

Safety Notice:

Remove all packaging before use.

Do not put fingers or hands inside the unit.

Do not immerse under water.

Please do not leave unattended for long periods of time this is to minimise any risk.

Keep foreign objects out of the wax/oil pool at all times.

Do not touch the Aroma Lamp or dish when used for long periods of time as the unit get HOT!